About this Workbook

This Workbook presents a new set of 158 solved problems and projects to supplement the Examples available in the textbook "Introduction to Composite Materials Design-Third Edition", CRC Press (2018). This workbook does not contain solutions for the Exercises at the end of chapters in the textbook. Instead, a completely new set of problems are reported, with detailed step-by-step solutions, including additional explanations, new figures, and new references to popular design handbooks, material property data, and sources form the literature.

This workbook is a companion for the textbook, which is referenced very often, pointing out what equations, figures, tables, and specific sections of the textbook are being used for every little detail of the solution to every problem.

Besides solved problems, a number of term-paper ideas are included in Chapters 2 (Materials) and 3 (Processing). A brief introduction to the solution of each term-paper, including a few citations, are provided in order to get the reader started. Furthermore, an Appendix contains a number of project ideas, which are challenging enough to be assigned as semester-long team projects.

In addition, a number of exercises are proposed at the end of chapters, to challenge the reader. These exercises are not solved, but answers are given for some of them, again in an attempt to help the reader master the subject.

Most problems are solved by hand, showing every step, and all numerical values substituted into equations from the textbook, and the numerical solution to the problem. When writing a small computer code helps doing the calculations, the code is written and shown using the free, open source language Scilab (TM), which is virtually identical to MATLAB(R). A few problems are also solved using the free on-line application CADEC.