Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, College of Engineering and Mineral Resources at West Virginia University

Ever J. Barbero, ASME Fellow and SAMPE Fellow, is recognized internationally for his work on material models for composite materials. He is the author of "Introduction to Composite Materials Design," Taylor and Francis (1st Ed. 1999, 2nd Ed. 2010), and "Finite Element Analysis of Composite Materials," Taylor and Francis (2007), several book chapters, over 100 peer-reviewed publications, numerous conference papers, and mentor of numerous MS and Ph.D. graduates currently serving leadership positions in academia and industry worldwide. He holds two US Patents, #6,455,131 (2002) and #6,544,624 (2003). He received the AE Alumni Academy Award for Outstanding Teaching (1999) and numerous research awards. As former department chair, he led the Department in accomplishing ABET accreditation twice, as well as substantial growth of all productivity including research expenditures, undergraduate and doctoral enrolment and so on. Eleven new faculty were added to the department in the period 2002-2009. He is currently finalizing the 2nd edition of his undergraduate textbook and working on a book chapter about physical aging of polymer composites, as well as being engaged in several research projects in materials science.