Materials for Liquid Metal Handling and Containment


Liquid metals are highly reactive, attacking all materials used for containment and handling. Degradation of submerged metallic hardware and refractory containment lead to huge heat losses, frequent production shutdowns, loss productivity, inferior product quality, high scrap rates, and so on. Some of the industrial processes more affected by degradation of hardware due to attach by molten metals are Aluminum and Steel production, Galvanizing, Galvaneal, Galvalume, Aluminizing, Batch galvanizing, and others.


To develop new materials, including monolithic superalloys, ceramics, refractories, and coatings, which are corrosion resistant, wear resistant, and good thermal insulators. Furthermore, to develop material models that can be used to guide material development, selection, and prediction of performance. Also, to develop laboratory testing techniques that can be used to evaluate material with and without use of industrial on-site testing.

Technologies being developed:

Advanced Refractories
Plasma Transfer Arc
Laser cladding
Weld overlays


- Improved Materials for Pot Hardware (IMPH)
- Multifunctional Metallic and Refractory Materials (IMF)